our services

Product Development and R&D
  • Experienced Mechanical, Electronic, Software, and Product Development Engineers
    Our team has extensive experience in analyzing the designs and drafts of potential products that our clients’ wish to bring to market. We have developed multiple internal lines of items for a wide variety of consumer needs over the years. Let us guide your team through this — clearly — the most important phase in the development of any product.
  • Industrial Design and Concept Design
    From the random scribbling of notes and drawings on a napkin to the final pre-production design, our team has mastered the art of both interpretings the concept of the product description and transferring it to a final draft that is used as a blueprint of the item. The engineering for such drafts takes into account the needed space and the best materials used for each product.
  • Detailed SolidWorks, 3D CAD, and 2D Engineering Drawing and Modeling
    Our design staff is also experienced in taking clients’ basic designs and working side-by-side with them to hone the perfect representation of their product in whichever medium is needed to get to the next phase — production.
  • Manufacturing, Tooling, Materials, and Process Expertise
    Once the design of the product is finalized, our team is ready to offer a host of production options to our clients. Everything within the realm of manufacturing, including tooling choices, materials recommendations, and best-process techniques will be covered in length to your satisfaction and approval.
  • Experienced Mechanical, Electronic, Software, and Product Development Engineers
    If your product has components that require the use of textiles, we have a wide swath of production options and capabilities to fit your scope and budget. As with many of our
  • Factory Qualification and Selection
    We at Narwhal have decades of business relationships with our factory contacts overseas. The longstanding partnerships we have created and nurtured over the years allow us the expertise in selecting the best sources for your products’ ultimate manufacturing location. We offer our clients an in-depth review of each potential factory and work with you to make the best selection that will suit your specific needs.
  • Competitive Quotes
    You can expect to get quotes from multiple factories. We know the history and capabilities of each source for your product, and we will assist you to select the perfect location for its creation.
  • Production Samples and Pilot Runs
    Prior to the full production run, we insist on the factory providing product samples and pilot runs. This is the last step before production begins and allows us to examine the goods and get your approval to complete the manufacturing process.
  • Low and High Volume Production
    We know not every company can either afford or will need a giant production run of their products. We’ll work with you throughout the entire product development cycle to ensure the production run matches your company’s needs. Whether low or high volume, we have the solutions right for you.
  • Project Management, Quality Assurance, and QC Inspections
    All through the process of making your product, Narwhal has you covered. Our project management, Q/A, and QC inspections keeps tabs on each step along the way and alerts the teams if anything is not as expected. We know the value of providing our proven system for bringing products to market safely, effectively, and as expected.
  • Shipping, Freight, and Customs Clearance
    Once completed, the product needs to get stateside as quickly and efficiently as possible. From the materials used to the packaging to the selection of travel choices available to passing Customs and onto the trucks to the warehouse(s), we have you covered. Narwhal has shipped thousands of products from overseas to our own warehouses and those of our clients as well. All shipping options will be discussed and approved by the client prior to departure.
Graphic & Web Design
  • Web Design and Development
    Need a new website to promote your company and products? Our team of UX/UI designers, graphic artists, messaging creatives, and web developers are ready to work with you to ensure your online presence is clear, easy to use, and conducive to inspiring desired actions from your audience. We know the importance of branding your company’s web site to your expectations while displaying your products in the best possible way that are optimized for mobile and desktop experiences.
  • Corporate Identity Design
    Your brand is your identity to the world. Our experienced designers have created numerous logos and branding systems to help communicate the strengths and essence of different companies and products. Let us assist you with creating a visual beacon for your business.
  • Packaging Design and Logo / Tagline Development
    The product package is its showcase. Your product needs a package that communicates what it is, what it does, and why the consumer needs it — all in an attractive, eye-catching solution. Our design team has crafted successful packaging designs for a variety of consumer goods, ranging from electronics, games, toys, and household goods.
  • Product Photo and Video Shoots
    Every consumer item needs quality photos to showcase it to the buyers and the public. Some products even require a video shoot to cover the complexity that cannot be conveyed in a photo. We have handled both of these aspects of displaying a product via photo shoots and live video recordings using some of the top talent in Los Angeles. We work with your team to craft the visual messaging needed to convey the value, importance, and innovation of your product.
  • Trade Show Marketing Materials (Roll Up Displays, Posters, Flyers, Giveaways)
    At trade shows, it’s all about the visuals. Maximize your booth’s potential with the best designs, displays, and visual storytelling to capture the attention of the attendees. Everything from posters and sales support materials to the well-received giveaway items will have your brand and products firmly placed in their hands and minds.
  • Catalogs and Paper Printing
    One of the best ways to showcase your product line is with a catalog. This essential item contains all of the necessary information for your buyers to order directly from you or your reps. Our creative team will work with you to create an indispensable catalog from concept to publication that makes your product line shine. Other printing options include: sales sheets, flyers, catalogs, folders, packaging, calendars, and instruction manuals
  • Creative and Innovative POP Displays, Fixtures, and Retail Ready Packaging and Boxes
    Control how your product will be placed in the stores by having us craft a special POP display that naturally draws attention to it. By taking it off the shelf or display rack and placing it in a custom designed POP display, you position your product away from the competition and focus the consumers’ attention directly upon it. We also craft special fixtures and retail ready packages that highlight your product one step further in the marketplace.
Warehouse, Distribution and Fulfillment
  • Secure Facility
    One aspect of product management that new companies sometimes overlook is the physical storing and distribution of their products. Narwhal has several warehousing options for our clients, thereby reducing their need for product storage. Our West Coast-based facilities are secure and offer state-of-the-art processing and handling options.
  • Pick, Pack and Ship within 24 hour
    Our warehouse team is capable of shipping even the largest orders out to your distribution centers or directly to your retail customers within 24 hours. All shipments are packed with the highest standards of care in making sure your products reach their destination safe and sound.
  • EDI Support with SPS Commerce and Commerce Hub
    We use the latest in cloud-based supply chain management software provided by SPS Commerce. With EDI support, we communicate electronically with our clients to enhance our accounting and procedural efforts.
  • Inventory Tracking and Reporting
    Our clients receive inventory and tracking reports based on their needs, whether it is daily or weekly. We work with you from the beginning to set up the program that fits your product’s timetables.
  • Ship Anywhere in the World via UPS, FedEx, DHL, AAE, USPS, Statewide, and Local Trucking services.
    Being based in the Los Angeles area gives Narwhal a serious advantage — from receiving products from the Port of L.A. to being able to ship them anywhere in the world. This is a great asset for us and one fewer thing to worry about for our customers.
  • Proficient management of a wide range of products
    We have handled hundreds of types of products over the years. Huge and heavy, light and fragile, and everything in between. Knowing that your product is managed and handled by our experienced warehouse team means it is in the best of care at all times.
  • Supply chain logistics serving both B2B and B2C customers
    Whether you want us to ship to retailers or directly to consumers, we are geared up for it. We provide detailed shipping and tracking logistics reports to you to confirm each shipment has arrived as promised to each party.
  • Repack and Sticker Service
    Narwhal is also fully fitted to customize the shipping needs for any product combination. This includes special requests such as repacking and adding stickers to prepackaged products.
Sales and Marketing Support
  • Teams of Account Executives and Sales Representatives that reach out to worldwide retailers and distributors
    If your product needs representation, let Narwhal help you. Our dedicated account execs and reps are ready to get you that meeting with the top retailers in the country and across the globe. We know that they are all looking for the next big thing, and we’re ready to get you in front of the decision makers to make it happen!
  • Retail Account Management
    Our Account Management team works with retailers across the country on a wide variety of items and products. From initial orders and fulfillment to ongoing order management, our team guides the continued success of each product during its life cycle.
  • Preparation of sales materials and presentations ready for the sales pitch
    Our creative team has mastered the art of building sales materials and presentation decks designed to wow the buyers. From impressive graphics to memorable copy, our sales support materials put you in control of the meeting, from the opening remarks to “so, how many would you like?”
  • Strategic Sales Planning, Forecasting, and Inventory Management
    Knowing what the market can support as well as how many to bring in (in the first place) will determine the lifetime success of your product launch and continued management. Our sales executives have decades of planning, forecasting, and inventory management experience. We would be happy to share this crucial aspect of the sales formula with you and your team to ensure the best sales outcome.
  • PR and Social Media Marketing
    An integral part of a product’s marketing budget includes both public relations and social media marketing. Our PR group has blended the two functions into one cohesive messaging team. This symbiotic approach allows us to position product information as less advertising based and more of an answer to a consumer’s need. We get the folks on social media to create a dialog about the product while letting them know of any PR related information about the manufacturer. Early adopters and online influencers who reject most advertising actually embrace this method of communication.